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Mrs. Marta Klug
Mrs. Tara Dolen
Mrs. Brenda Stauffer

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Mrs. Marta Klug

Mrs. Tara Dolen

Mrs. Brenda Stauffer

Art and Music

Art Projects

Fraboom--Online Children's Museum
Learn to draw faces & animals.

Make a snowflake online.  Post it at their website.

Mrs. Brown's Art Class
From Framingham, Massachussets, an art teacher's lessons by grade.

Children's Art

World Art Gallery
Look at the children's art.  Each one is so unique.  You could send your art to the World Art Gallery.


Color Mixing
Learn how to use a color wheel.
Choose a picture.  Use the computer mouse to color your picture.

Fun with Patterns

National Gallery Art Zone
Use your mouse to change patterns in the children's art zone.

Patterns in Nature
See amazing nature patterns.


Sing Along Songs
There are many songs at this site.  Listen to the music and read the lyrics.


Dental Health

Your Mouth
Play a game to find out what is in your mouth.

My First Visit to the Dentist
See a video that describes what happens in the dental office..

Learning Games

Keep Ben Healthy
Keep Ben healthy by making sure he has enough water, food, rest, and exercise.


Choose My Plate
This U.S. government site tells facts about the food pyramid. Play a game to see if you know how to eat healthy.


Fire Safety
Sparky the dog teaches you about fire safety and the fire department by doing some fun activities.

Bike Safety
Learn how to ride safely with Jen!  She'll teach you how to wear your helmet and how to check out your bike before riding so that you have a fun and sfe ride!

How Fires Burn--The Fire Triangle
Easy to use lesson about how fire needs oxygen, fuel, and heat to burn.

Another Fire Triangle lesson

Street Safety
Take a walk with Samantha and find out how to play it safe on the street. She’ll teach you how to watch for cars and how the street lights can help to keep you out of danger.



Adapted Mind
Customized online math problems and worksheets.

Bunny Count
You may practice counting using animals.Count

Count Us In
You can use these counting games to learn about numbers.

Kidport Math Games
You will find many math games--from counting to addition and subtraction.

More Counting
You may practice counting.

General Sites

Cool Math
Learn math through fun and games.

Learning Games

MathCat's Magic Chalkboard
This site is a winner.  It has a variety of math games.

Online Math Games for Gr 1.

Play many games which will make you think and have fun.  This is an excellent site.

Our World

United States Symbols

American Icons
Ths site tells about United States symbols.

American Landmarks
This site tells about United States landmarks.

Ben's Guide to the Government
This site will help you with U.S. symbols and community workers.

United States Flag to Color
Color the United States Flag.


Super Maps
Bring black and white outline maps of states, continents, countries, or flags to life with colors, stamps, text, and more! 

Virtual Field Trips

Kentucky Farms Feed Me
Virtual tours of vegetable, apple, corn, soybeans, wheat, beef, poultry, pig and dairy farms.

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District Media Specialist
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Explorer Picture Dictionary
A picture dictionary with over 2000 words--some are linked to more information.


When They Were Young
Look at photographs of people. How are they the same and how are they different from your family?


American Folklore
Find American folktales, Native American myths and legends, tall tales, weather folklore and ghost stories from all 50 states in the USA here.  Listen to some of the stories.

Practice Reading

I'm Reading
Read some stories.

Learn to Read
Play some games to practice reading.

Learn to Read at Starfall
Practice reading in the area of the alphabet and early phonemic awareness.

Stories Online

The Bookhive
Listen to stories told by great American storytellers, read about new books, and play games about books.

Goodnight Stories:  Read a Story
Write endings to stories, choose different directions within a story, and fill in a "mad lib" structure to make a silly story.

Internationl Children's Digital Library
Read a book online at this library.  The books come from all around the world.

Silly Books
Listen, read, and sing these silly books.

Storytime Online
Listen and read stories from the Kennedy Center.

Inkless Tales
Read stories and poems, play games, practice tongue twisters at this neat site.


Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Play games like matching, crossword puzzles, hangman, and learn new vocabulary.  For all ages.

Reading Lists

Award Winners

Caldecott Picture Book
See the winners of the Caldeott Best Picture Books.  Do we have these in our library?

Coretta Scott King Award
This award is given to the best books written by an African American author and an African American illustrator.

Newbery Award Winners
The Newbery Medal honors the author of the best children's book of the year.

Notable Children's Books
This is the list of the best children's books, recordings, videos, and software according to the American Library Association.

Other Reading Lists

Book Hive
This site contains hundreds of recommended book reviews in a variety of reading levels and interest areas. Users can search for books by author, title, reading level, interest area, number of pages, and even favorite illustrator.

Reading Adventure
This Sylvan Learning Center site is a free reading motivation program.  Create reading lists by subject, reading or grade level.

RIF Reading Planet
Play games, find great books to read, write stories, do fun activities at this site.

The Spaghetti Bookclub
Do you like to read?  Read book reviews written by students like you.  You could write a review too after you read a book.



Find out all about the weird life of bats.

eNature Animal Field Guides
This site includes the sights and sounds of 5,500 species such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc.

Junglewalk Animal Information
Use the A-Z index to find more animal information.

Junglewalk Movies
Use the A-Z index to see movies about our animal.

Junglewalk Pictures
Use the A-Z index to find photographs of your animal.

Names of Animals, Babies, and Groups
Find pictures and names of baby animals.

National Geographic Kids
Find lots of information about your animal at this site. It includes lots of fun facts about each animal.

Wild Games
There are different kinds of animal games at this site.


Children's Butterfly Site
You will find pictures to color, facts to learn, a fantastic butterfly photograph gallery, as well as links to other butterfly sites.


Field Trip to a Student Farm
Visit the student farm at the University of California at Davis, California.

4H Virtual Farm
Do you think all farms are the same?  Learn about all kinds of farming.

General Source

Science For Cool Kids
This site has interesting activities.


Water and the Birth of the Oceans
Learn about the birth of the oceans through this simple science video.


Butterfly Wing Patterns
Look very closely to see the patterns on the butterfly wings.

National Gallery Art Zone
Use your mouse to change patterns in the children's art zone.


4H Garden
Explore, experiment, and listen to stories about plants.

Great Plant Escape
Learn more about plants and life cycles while solving a mystery.



Internet Picture Dictionary
Browse by letter or category.

Little Explorers
English Picture Dictionary


Punctuation Games
Play some punctuation games at this great site.


See N Spell
Try spelling some words.

Turtle Diary
Try these activities to help you with spelling.


I Spy at Scholastic
See if you can find words in a mystery room.

Writing Stories

How a Book is Made
Have you ever wondered how a book is made?

Young Writer's Workshop
Write a story using one of the story starters. You will need adult help to do this.

Mr. Nussbaum's Learning + Fun