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Art and Music

Art Projects

Children's Museum of Art in Indianapolis
There are great art projects on this site.  Just choose your grade under the word kids.

Make a snowflake online.  Post it at their website.

Mrs. Brown's Art Class
From Framingham, Massachussets, an art teacher's lessons by grade.

Children's Art

World Art Gallery
Look at the chidren's art.  Each one is so unique.  You could send your art to the World Art Gallery.


Choose a picture.  Use the computer mouse to color your picture.

Fun with Patterns

National Gallery Art Zone
Use your mouse to change patterns in the children's art zone.

Butterfly Wing Patterns
Look very closely to see the patterns on the butterfly wings.


Sing Along Songs
There are many songs at this site.  Listen to the music and read the words.



Count Us In
Play counting games to help you learn about numbers.

More Counting
You may practice counting.

Bunny Count
You may practice counting using animals.

Kidport Kndergarten Counting Games
You can find many math games -- from counting to addition and subtraction.

General Sites

Cool Math
Learn mat through fun games and practice.

Play many games which will make you think and have fun.  This is an excellent site.

Reading Lists

Award Winners

Caldecott Picture Book
Look at the winners of the Caldecott Best Picture Books.

ALA Book, Print & Media Awards
Links to the best in books, recordings, videos, and software.

Other Reading Lists

Books for Kindergarten Children
Maybe we have these books in our library. 



This site will help you spell a word.


See N; Spell
Try spelling some words.


I Spy
See if you can find words in a mystery room.

Writing Stories

Young Writer's Workshop
Write a story using one of the story starters. You will need adult help to do this.

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Books Online

American Folklore
Listen to folktales from all over the United States.

Storyline Online
Listen to some great books

Letters and Sounds

ABC Alphabet
See the alphabet, hear the letter sounds.

It's Fun to Read
Play some reading games

Zac the Rat Reading
Learn sounds and words.

Silly Books
Listen, read, and sing these silly books.



Choose My Plate
This U.S. government site tells facts about the foo pyramid.  Play a game to see if you know how to eat healthy.

Learning Games

Keep Ben Healthy
In this game you try to keep Ben healty by making sure he has enough ater, food, rest, and exercise.


Fire Safety
Sparky the dog teaches you about fire safety and the fire department by doing some fun activities.

Safety Songs & Chants
The Safety Songs teach children how to be safe.

Bike Safety
Learn how to ride safely with Jen!  She'll teach you how to wear your helmet and how to check out your bike before riding so that you have a fun and sfe ride!

Fire Safety Song
The Fire Safety Song shows children of all ages what to do in case of a fire in the home.

How Fires Burn --- The Fire Triangle
Easy to use lesson about how fire needs oxygen, fuel, and heat to burn.

Another Fire Triangle lesson


Our World

Community Workers

Community Club
List of books about people and their jobs.

Farm Animals

Farm Animals
Learn about cows, sheep, chickens, and lots of other animals.

United States Symbols

American Icons
This site tells about United States symbols.

American Landmarks
This site tells about United States landmarks.

United States Flag to Color
Color the Uited States Flag.

Ben's Guide to the Government
This site will help you with U.S. symbols and community workers.

Virtual Field Trips

Kentucky Farms Feed Me
Virtual tours of vegetable, apple, corn, soybeans, wheat, beef, poultry, pig and dairy farms.

Dairy Farming Today
Experience life on a dairy farm.



Junglewalk Pictures
Use the A-Z index to find photographs of your animal.

Junglewalk Movies
Use the A-Z index to see movies about your animal.

Junglewalk Sounds
Use the A-Z index to hear animal sounds.

Wild Games
There are different kinds of animal games at this site.

National Geographic Print and Go Coloring Book
Find an animal.  Print it.  Color the picture.


Children's Butterfly Site
You will find pictures to color, facts to learn, a fantastic butterfly photograph gallery, as well as links to other butterfly sites.

Learning Games

Peep and the Big Wide World
Play science games with Peep


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